Spring Run
Coming May 19th

Spring Run is another variation of Wolves' unique California blend, distilled by Marko in a rare, copper brandy still that was imported from Cognac, France in the early 80's.  The blend consists primarily of whiskey distilled from finished craft Stout beer, whiskey distilled from finished Pilsner beer, and Rye whiskey.  It's all wrapped by hand in Robin's Egg blue sheepskin before being placed in a custom canvas sleeve.

A few hundred bottles will be made available to the Allocation List on May 19th.  This will be the last 'Run' by Wolves for a while. Up next is a special collaboration with Willett Family Estate.

Spring Run

Rye Whiskey & Hop Flavored Whiskey
52.5% Alcohol by Volume
105 Proof
750 ml



Wolves is an American whiskey distilled in California by a 13th generation Master Distiller, Marko Karakasevic, using a rare copper alambic pot still imported from Cognac, France. The distillation process with an alambic still – mostly retired by the industry – is far less efficient than a column still, but the end result is whiskey with more body and richness.

The 13th generation Master Distiller creates a small batch of distillate over a 10-day period, sleeping in four hour shifts. He personally decides where each cut is made and selects ‘the heart of hearts’ for double distillation.


Each bottle is wrapped by hand in Italian sheepskin leather.  The glass is heavy and French-Cut, allowing the sheepskin to lay flush against the glass – a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing,’ so to speak. The cork top is made of maple wood.


WOLVES is a unique California whiskey from an equally unique creative group, both based in California. The creatives behind Wolves, James Bond (Undefeated) and Jon Buscemi (Buscemi, Truff, Oliver Peoples) have consistently followed their own paths. Authenticity has been their North Star. When they decided to put the most interesting whiskey on the market, they knew they would need more than a mass-market distillery.

They found what they were looking for – something truly different – at home in California. Nestled between the woods and vines of California’s wine country, lives a 13th generation Master Distiller making bespoke whiskey with the care, skill, and attention not easily found elsewhere. For 35 years, this distillery has operated by the same code and compass that James and Jon abide. Barrels were tasted, samples were made, hands were shook. ‘First Run’ was born, and the rest is history.


California gets its first luxury Whiskey brand” – Forbes

Don’t sleep on Wolves – we just wish it was a little easier to get ahold of.” — Maxim  Magazine

You should seriously consider investing in a bottle or two.” — Esquire

“The honest truth is this whiskey is incredible.” — @scotchservedneat

When I say this whiskey is different, I mean it….the finesse of putting this blend together deserves a standing ovation.”  –

Much like a pair of rare Nike Air Jordan 4 Eminem X Carhartt sneakers, Wolves Whiskey is made to be collected.” — The

A spirits label that compliments their existing brands and revered lifestyles.” – Hypebeast

First Run

First Run was Wolves’ premier release. It is a blend of California whiskeys distilled in a rare copper Alambic still imported from Cognac, France. 898 bottles of First Run were released online in May of 2019 and sold out online within days. A small collection of First Run from the Founders Reserve was re-released in December 2020 for $385 per bottle and sold out in seconds.

Nose: slightly sweet, toasted vanilla, citrus

Tasting notes: dark chocolate, citrus, tobacco, oak, allspice, creamy mouthfeel

First Run

Rye Whiskey & Hop Flavored Whiskey
53% Alcohol by Volume
106 Proof
750 ml

Winter Run

In November of 2019, Wolves released Winter Run as it's second release of its signature blend, this time with the addition of American single malt whiskey, aged 9 years in used French oak.  The 1338 bottles produced sold out almost immediately.

Nose: warm vanilla, cherry cola, honeysuckle, hops, citrus, Christmas cake

Tasting notes: toasted almonds, chocolate, oak, hops, orange marmalade

Winter Run

Rye Whiskey & Hop Flavored Whiskey
52% Alcohol by Volume
104 Proof
750 ml

Wally’s Blend

Wally’s Blend was a collaboration with Wally's of Beverly Hills and was another variation of Wolves signature blend.

Nose: Honey, vanilla, lemon, malt, toasted oak.

Tasting Notes: Fugi apple, pear fig, oak, hops, chocolate, orange zest.

Wally’s Blend

Made of Italian Sheepskin and laid by hand, flush against glass.



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